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About us

Mix and match: A world of flavors under one roof

A fusion of cultures and flavors

Our story

At Gourmet Værkstedet in the heart of Odense, we awaken your taste buds with a gastronomic journey that spans continents.
Here, authentic flavors from Thailand, Italy, and India & Sri Lanka come together under one roof, making it possible for the whole family to find exactly what suits their taste.

Whether it’s the fiery spices from the East, the smooth and rich taste of Italian cheese, or the crispy sourdough crust of a Neapolitan pizza, there is something for every palate.

Three kitchens, one passion

How it came to be

The story of Gourmet Værkstedet begins with a passionate Italian soul who, after many years in the restaurant industry in Rome, decided to bring a piece of his cultural and gastronomic heritage to Denmark.
With experience from a cozy pizza and bar in Rome, the foundation was laid for a fusion of culinary traditions. Upon arriving in Odense, he met a kindred spirit, a dedicated Thai chef with two decades of experience in creating authentic Thai dishes.

Your culinary journey awaits

Our mission

Together, they decided to open Gourmet Værkstedet, where fusion is not just a concept but the heart of the entire establishment.

Each kitchen has its own dedicated chef who brings out authentic flavors in every dish with love and finesse.

The unique aspect of Gourmet Værkstedet is the ability to order across the three kitchens, making it the perfect destination for families and groups with varied taste preferences.