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Gourmet Værkstedet in Odense

One address, three worlds of flavour

Searching for authentic culinary experiences? Gourmet Workshop offers three specialized kitchens with dedicated chefs:


Three kitchens, three chefs – all under one roof. Quality and authenticity without compromise.

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Three Kitchens, Three Chefs, One Passion

Gourmet Værkstedet in Odense

Step into a culinary world where every bite takes you on a journey. Gourmet Workshop in Odense is the place where passion for food meets authenticity. Our unique concept brings together three different culinary worlds under one roof, where dedicated chefs master the art in each kitchen.
Your adventure in global flavors starts here.

🇹🇭 🇹🇭 Wok Pop Thai

Thai The dishes on our Wok Pop Thai menu are authentically prepared classics, bringing genuine Thai flavors directly to your table.

🇮🇳 🇱🇰 India Lanka

Indian & Sri Lankan The delicious, well-prepared, and highly flavorful dishes from our Indian-Sri Lankan menu are perfect for those with a love for spicy food.

🇮🇹 🇮🇹 Pizza Napoletana

Italian All our pizzas are made on a base of delicious Italian sourdough. The tomato sauce is made from the renowned, flavorful, and exclusive San Marzano tomatoes.

🌱☘️ Veganeriet

Thai, Italian, Indian & Sri Lankan Our Veganeriet concept brings together carefully selected vegan dishes from each of our three kitchen’s countries, making it easy to find plant-based options.

One location, three gastronomic journeys

Our kitchens

Our three specialized kitchens offer a unique opportunity to explore the culinary traditions of Thailand, Italy, and India & Sri Lanka. With a menu that ranges from the spicy delicacies of Wok Pop Thai to the authentic Italian pizzas at Pizza Napoletana and the flavorful dishes at India Lanka, there is something for everyone.


Gourmet Værkstedets story: More than a restaurant in Odense

Gourmet Værkstedet is not just a restaurant; it is an experience destination. Located in the heart of Odense, we are proud to present a culinary journey that transcends borders.
Our unique concept brings together three dedicated chefs and three diverse kitchens under one roof, each with a special passion for authentic food traditions from Thailand, Italy, and India & Sri Lanka. Additionally, we offer a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes under our Veganeriet concept, which you can explore here.

Since our founding, we have been dedicated to bringing authentic taste experiences to our guests, served in a welcoming and warm atmosphere.

Our mission is to create unforgettable dining experiences that make you want to return again and again. And for beer enthusiasts, our bar not only offers a wide range of craft beers but also a cozy atmosphere where you can relax with friends over a cold beer and delicious snacks, even if you don’t plan to have dinner. We look forward to sharing our passion for food and drink with you and welcoming you to a gastronomic adventure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our concept, menus, or anything else? We have gathered some of the most common questions here.

Are all your kitchens open every day?

Yes, all our kitchens are open simultaneously, so you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes at any time.

Do you offer vegetarian or vegan options?

Absolutely! We have a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes under our Veganeriet concept. You can explore the extensive selection here.

How can I order takeaway?

It’s easy! You can order takeaway directly from our website, and feel free to mix and match dishes from all our kitchens in one order. –Order takeaway

Can I stop by just to enjoy a beer or some snacks?

Absolutely! You are welcome to relax in our bar with a wide selection of craft beers and delicious snacks, even without having dinner. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a relaxed evening in the heart of Odense.

Can I order from different kitchens in one order?

Yes, you can compile your order from all our kitchens, whether you prefer to enjoy a mix of Thai, Italian, and Indian-Sri Lankan dishes. We are here to satisfy your culinary curiosity and provide you with an authentic taste experience from different corners of the world.

Are there parking options near the restaurant?

Yes, there are good parking options around the restaurant. Here are some options:
  • Option 1: Free municipal parking at Nedergade 45 with a time limit of 1 hour until 18:00 on weekdays and until 14:00 on Saturdays. After these times, there is no time limit. Learn more.
  • Option 2: Free municipal parking at Nedergade 19 with a time limit of 30 minutes until 18:00 on weekdays and until 14:00 on Saturdays. After these times, there is no time limit. Learn more.
  • Option 3: Private paid parking at Q-Park Odense City (formerly Odense P) – NORTH, Thomas B. Thriges Gade 40, without time limit. Learn more.